American Canyon

At the southern tip of the Napa Valley, American Canyon lies between Vallejo and Napa along scenic highway 29. It is home to two wineries, Cartlidge and Browne and Spelletich Cellars. The influence of wine is also apparent in the city's ancillary businesses, warehouses and cooperages. But there's more than wine in this valley. American Canyon is also home to Marshall's Farm with local natural honey and herbs and their acclaimed beekeeping workshops.

The rolling hills, Lynch Canyon and the Napa River and Bay Trail offer ample opportunities to commune with nature and its delightful flora and fauna. The Newell Open Space Preserve to the east and the Wetlands Edge along the river offer nature trails that weave through town. From the Wine Train in Napa to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, activities abound all around.

American Canyon has been a main hub dating back to the 1800s. When the Carquinez Bridge was built in 1927, more people migrated into the area. Mare Island drew even more settlers when it was bustling in operation through the war years.

In 1940, the iconic Dream Bowl was built. It was a large dance hall that served as a gathering place for folks to follow the war news, listen to big band music and discuss their favorite soap operas. It also served as a place to dance with your sweetie or daydream about their return. Over the years, many bands graced its stage, including The Grateful Dead in 1969, before the legendary venue was lost to history.

American Canyon became a city in Napa County on January 1, 1992, finally establishing its separate identity from Vallejo and Napa. The process took more than 40 years, but it was worth the wait. American Canyon is a city full of pride in its yesterday, today and its tomorrow.

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